Eagles down the Anduin - Nightmare

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Journey down the Anduin - Nightmare
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afteryule 3

Used this deck multiplayer to beat nightmare Journey along the Anduin.

As long as Beregond has the shield, you can easily one-shot the Hill Troll with Eowyn+Boromir on turn one.

Mulligan for Gondorian Shield or Radagast. The fellowship deck will be able to transfer the resources to pay for Radagast first turn in most games. Radagast is also useful for early questing.

After that, it's the usual Eagles shenanigans. Attach Support of the Eagles to Boromir and you're good to go; he can attack or defend as needed depending on how the round is going. Use Vassal of the Windlord to defend instead of attack so you can trigger Horn of Gondor more often.

Also, Eowyn's willpower becomes less important late gate when Outlands is overpowering so she can be sacrificed in a pinch.

You can swap in Vigilant Guard if you hate rats or want to prevent some damage on Anfalas Herdsman after Necromancer's Reach is drawn.