Bard, Haldir, and Beregond

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Daechanar 19

I've had several iterations of this deck for years where it had Legolas as my other ranged character, but I wanted to try a new hero for this deck, and it allows me to play Legolas as an ally, which gets me some card draw. Haldir of Lórien was a great addition to the deck since he can use a lot of the weapons that I originally had for Legolas. Plus, he opened up the Lore sphere for this deck to use.

Since we're using Beregond as our primary defender, our first priority is to get him some armor to increase his defense. In our opening hand, try to mulligan for a Gondorian Shield, but if you don't draw it, you can also use Open the Armory to go try and find it. All of the weapons and armor you can play on Beregond are free, and you can also attach Protector of Lórien on him, which allows you to discard the duplicates of Beregond's toys.

As for our attackers, Haldir can use have both Rivendell Blade's to get -4 , and a 3 , and if Bard joins in on the fun against a ranged enemy, it's -6 and 6 .

The rest of the deck is mostly just support tactics allies and events to help handle enemies. Sterner than Steel can cancel any nasty shadow effects against Beregond, and the deck has multiple ways of attacking an enemy before they attack us. Foe-hammer and Daeron's Runes help with card draw, and if you find that you're having trouble finding any attachments, you can swap out cards for Master of the Forge.

I haven't tried this deck solo, but it works great when paired with a deck that can handle questing since we can handle most of the combat.


May 18, 2018 Cav Fan 45

@clatshaw I have tried a variant of this deck for Attack on Dol Guldur, and I have a few thoughts on the deck that you have posted.

With Honour Guard, Gondorian Shield, Raven-winged Helm, Protector of Lórien all for Beregond it does seem like a little bit of overload. You will probably find a lot of dead cards in your hand.

With those open card slots maybe a Rohan Warhorse for Bard the Bowman so that he can attack twice and Master of the Forge to make sure of those attachments that you need.

Hopes this helps.

Link to my deck below

May 18, 2018 Daechanar 19

@Cav Fan thanks for the input! This deck is based on my physical deck with the cards, and my Rohan Warhorse's were already being used in another deck, but I agree that they would be fantastic with Bard! You can definitely take out a copy of Raven-winged Helm and Spear of the Citadel and replace them with the Warhorse.