Another Unlikely Friendship

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simone 111

reduction: None.just pray that 29 starting treath is enough low for that scenario

: quest with both Bifur and Celeborn. willpower thanks to celeborn and Dáin Ironfoot buff is the best part of the deck

: sacrifice ally or use dain that is a very good defendere. indeed you will use the boost on your dwarf character

: there are many allies that reach 3 attack point thank to celeborn or dain power. sadly, your heroes alone are not capaple to take down also common enemy.

drawing: Valiant Sacrifice (return a silvan card in your hand count as "ally that leave the game!) King Under the Mountain, Legacy of Durin

: you have some good option to healing or adding hit point to charachter.

resource accelation: Unlikely Friendship and Magic Ring. but in this deck you really don't need any resource acceleration. bifur is great to manage resource sphere of influence and with 3 resources each round you have yet the chance to play one or two ally plus an event each round

special mention to:

: Magic Ring is awesone, but remember that no treath reduction is the worst part of this deck.

: Silvan Tracker is great. his ability allow him to take 3 point attack without be defeated and with two of this in play celeborn can take damage with no danger Henamarth Riversong is simply OP. don't be shy and if you have Heed the Dream spendt 3 resources to take him in your hand. with him and Longbeard Elder both in play, you can master the encounter set both in quest phase and the shadows cards Brok Ironfist: sadly sometime one of your hero die. this card is nothing but special, but is less traumatic lose a hero

: Sneak Attack work very well with silvan ally and Galadriel

i refuse to put Steward of Gondor in this deck. first of all, you will have just a ton of useless resources, also the Mount Doom will frozen before a dwarf or a elf will sit on the Citadel thrones.