Strongest Shield and Strongest Bow

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Alonewolf87 92

Alonewolf87 has updated this deck: Strongest Shield and Strongest Bow

This is the Tactics deck for a 4 Mono-Sphere Decks Fellowship.

The main purposes of this deck are defending and attacking across the board, role that is fulfilled quite efficiently.

Mablung is as always a gold mine of resources (especially with some help from the Knights of Minas Tirith)

Legolas is quite often the best killer of enemies on the field, especially with the warhorse and a Bow/Blade and with some judicious use of Hands Upon the Bow and Quick Strike.

Beregond is as always one of the best possible defender, with the Gondorian Shield and Spear of the Citadel combined with some reading effects from across the table (Cram, Unexpected Courage, Behind Strong Walls).

Knight of Minas Tirith is often at 4 attack and basically ends up costing 2 resources since engaging an enemy during the planning phase nets you another resource for Mablung.

Foe-hammer is as always a great draw effect for tactics.

Notable Interactions with other decks

Lots of readying effects from across the table can be played on Beregond and Legolas to maximize their combat efficacy.

Secret Vigil is quite useful to keep the group threat in check, supporting Spirit's role in that department.

The Horn of Gondor can help any player with some resource acceleration since quite often a character will be destroyed each turn with the enemies and treacheries swarms.

The Gondorian Shield can be attached to quite a few heroes across the table helping with shoring up the group defenses.

There are a lot of ranged characters able to help the other decks destroying their engaged enemies. Also the Marksman and Archer effects can help weaken engaged enemies.


Jun 21, 2018 RyanFralich 1

That is a LOT of restricted attachments. 19 total if you count the Raiment's as 2/ea. How do you make all of those work together when you can only have so few out?

Jun 21, 2018 Alonewolf87 92

@Ramshackle RyanLegolas usually gets whatever comes out first amongst Bow of the Galadhrim Rohan Warhorse Rivendell Blade, Beregond gets the Gondorian Shield and whatever comes out first amongst Spear of the Citadel and Armored Destrier from the Leadership deck. The Raiment of War goes on the Defender of Rammas the Galadhon Archer or Déorwine (sometimes even Boromir or Glorfindel in the other decks). The Blade of Gondolin goes on Faramir and Boromir usually.

Anyway usually we don't have too Many problems in that regard