A Stereotypical Dunedain Deck

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dalestephenson 728

This deck is not creative at all, it is a crowdsourced Dunedain deck.

My procedure was as follows -- I analyzed Heir of Valandil decks to see what the most likely hero lineup would be. After settling on Amarthiúl/Halbarad/Aragorn, I then looked at 19 decks using that lineup from different creators to see which cards were used the most, and what the median ally/attchment/event count was. You can see the raw information here:


To turn that information into a deck, I then used the median count to apportion card slots to the most popular choices in each category, trying to use the most popular count for each until I ran out of space. I also limited the cards to a single core set.

The end result should be a stereotypical Dunedain Deck -- one that only includes cards that others have used the most (by percentage, not raw count) in their own Dunedain decks. If you want the typical Dunedian experience, this may be a good fit -- and if it's not, don't blame me, blame the committee!

In terms of gameplay, put Steed of the North and Dúnedain Mark on Aragorn, put Armored Destrier and Dúnedain Warning on Amarthiul, engage everything and kill as you can. This isn't a strong questing deck without Sword that was Broken, so would work best with a partner questing deck.