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Velensk 43

As a note: I only publish decks that use cards I have, however I include other cards I'd consider if I had them in the sideboard.

This deck started out as a joke, but with a bit of experimentation, we discovered that it's actually quite effective for certain scenarios. It will struggle against any scenario that forces you to engage enemies or take attacks from the staging area. It'll also suffer from any scenario that punishes ally swarms, forces you to rush, or deals tons of direct damage but if you're allowed to build up or need to deal with a ton of locations, this scenario can slow grind a surprising number of scenarios to death.

The joke we were noting was the 'synergy' between Fatty Bolger and Merry where when an enemy is revealed, you could use Fatty to neutralize it's threat, and then use Merry to lower your threat, thus allowing you to get rid of an enemies helmets for the low cost of two hero activations. In practice, you almost never want to do this. You're hoping to use merry to keep your threat low but keep in mind that although you can do Secrecy cards, this deck treats threat as a resource it can burn if needed to use Frodo or Fatty. Just so long as your threat never gets so high that you're forced to engage enemies you don't want to, you're free to use it to get threat out of the staging area.

--O Elbereth! Githonial and Ride Them Down! give you ways of dealing with dangerous enemies that your ally swarm are not well suited to facing.

--Hobbit Pipes and Ponies are surprisingly key. Being able to commit Merry after you've revealed no enemies can be pretty good and once you have two pipes smoke rings becomes a pretty good card. Bilbo to help quest and fetch them out.

--Fatty mostly serves as a blocker against weak enemies. Honestly, you could switch him out for any other very cheap spirit healer and the deck would probably work at least as well.


Jul 11, 2018 Rouxxor 1028

As you say Fatty Bolger could probably be switch. In fact even Pippin is probably better, essentially for his 1 threat less.

I think that Arwen Undómiel could be on of your best ally. Boost Frodo defense so you will spend 1 threat less. Play an unexpected courage in Frodo could be great too since it allow him to go in quest and defend/attack. In this kind of lineup Hobbit Pony become quite useless. By experience 3 Smoke Rings is not enough for a Hobbit Pipe mechanic. Free to choose is only useful on a few, usually doomed, cards and low only by 1 or 2 threat each time. You may prefer to play classic The Galadhrim's Greeting By having a regular threat management secrecy cards like Celduin Traveler and Resourceful are really cool.

Some big allies can be really useful too, like Treebeard, Jubayr or Gandalf but you should only play them if you have ressource smoothing (resourcefull is enough) and only 1 of each if you do so. You will find them with all your draw mechanic so it will help on the end of game situation, the only one where you can afford them. They are far better than Northern Tracker to me.

I'm use to play decks close to it, but usually with Frodo, at least one noldor hero (Galadriel and/or Glorfindel) and merry if I'm playing only one Noldor. It work great both in solo or multiplayer games.

Have fun with your deck!

Jul 12, 2018 bdavis96 5

This deck has a lot of potential. Fatty Bolger and Merry is a repeatable Radagast's Cunning. Exhaust Merry to reduce your threat after an enemy is revealed, and then use Fatty Bolger to increase your threat to help your will power while questing. No actual threat increase. If an enemy isn't revealed, still use Merry to give you actual threat reduction. As Rouxxor points out, I would put in a lot more threat reduction, then add Gandalf and increase your threat to keep him as a permanent ally. If the deck works correctly, you should always stay below 20 threat (secrecy). In Saga, Frodo becomes Fellowship sphere, and then you can include Pippin or Pippin or Folco Boffin. If you include Lore, that opens up Protector of Lórien and Fast Hitch. This gives me a deck to think about.