Dream-chaser Conglomerate

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AlasForCeleborn has a newer deck inspired by this one: Dream-chaser Conglomerate

Behold, the folly of my deckbuilding is laid bare; look upon it, ye skilled deckbuilders, and despair!

In all seriousness, while Cirdan actually allows you to run a > 50 card deck actually pretty well, 67 is a bit excessive. Some of the cards in here would be sideboarded (Mariner's Compass, Son of Arnor, Self Preservation,) but sideboarding when I just keep playing Temple of the Deceived over and over would get a bit annoying.

If you cut some of the fat from this deck though, it's actually surprisingly solid; Elwing's Flight is a quite suitable substitute for Unexpected Courage in a pinch, Elfhelm turns himself and Cirdan with Armored Destrier into quite good defenders (Well, against Temple), Narya plus ally swarm plus ranged support from a more combat-oriented deck (which is what this usually pairs up with, I typically play 2-handed) means it's not actually helpless in combat, Daughter of the Nimrodel and Gléowine provide quite nice support, Gandalf and The Galadhrim's Greeting provide a lot of threat control... Overall, this deck, once it gets running, can actually work surprisingly well.

Steward is for Cirdan, Narya giving him that really handy resource icon, Unexpected Courage also goes on him, allowing you to quest and use his ring; Protector of Lórien is more meant to allow you to pitch from hand, primarily to trigger Galdor. Forest Snare is nice if you can play it, but isn't necessary, Entangling Nets is awesome for easing combat, Self Preservation is for Captain Sahir or any other ally (Fool of an Elf, can't heal allies!), Dark Knowledge is for a partner combat deck, once Narya's in play Destrier can go on Cirdan, giving him +1 and from Elfhelm.