Avoiding Ennemies Attacks (Kind of)


The whole existential point of this fellowship is that it is so fun to play with, either 2-handed or 2 players. None of these deck really works well solo, though. Also, I doubt it is tight enough to survive really tough quests like Into Ithilien.

The whole mechanical point of this fellowship is to try skipping the attack phase from the ennemies. It does so by making ennemies stay in the staging area with :

Ennemies already wounded but with low encounter threshold can be slowed down with Feint and Quick Strike then attacked with Glorfindel armed with Rivendell Blade. Those with very few hit points can be killed outright by Gondorian Spearman (even better if he is equiped with Spear of the Citadel).

If you really have to defend, Denethor + A Burning Brand + Arwen Undómiel's ability should do. Player with Dúnhere & Co. should alway optionaly engage ennemies.

Both decks share the burden of questing, even though the Spirit/Tactic one is usally better at it. The Mono Lore Deck is really a support deck, and a quite fun to play with.

A Test of Will is to be used only against treacheries that will wipe-out allies.