Théoden's Aid


This fellowship was originally designed to maximize Théoden (AKA Ultron) with (nearly) every attachment imaginable. He was loaded up with Snowmane, Armored Destrier, Herugrim, The Day's Rising, Heir of Mardil, Captain of Gondor, Song of Kings, Song of Travel, and either Golden Shield or a combo of Steward of Gondor and Gondorian Shield. Combine these with Elfhelm's boosts, which with the songs would give him +1 to all of his stats, and he'd become a superhero who could quest for 5 (with Faramir's boost, or 10 if you add in Galadriel's too via Nenya), ready with Snowmane, then defend a couple times with 4+ (readying with Armored Destrier and The Day's Rising/Heir of Mardil combo), then attach for 8+ multiple times (readying thanks to Merry and his Rohan Warhorses). With all the card draw of the two decks combined, I drew all of my cards a few times and got this all set up, and it was glorious.

But I noticed something: Denethor and Elfhelm were already Leadership and didn't have much to do, so I figured I'd shift the defensive duties on to them and give them sentinel with Dúnedain Signal. Denethor now ends up with a Gondorian Shield, Armored Destrier, The Day's Rising, and Heir of Mardil. Now he's defending with 6 twice and gaining resources from The Day's Rising. Elfhelm gets Steward of Gondor, Gondorian Shield, Armored Destrier Dunedain Signal, and Captain of Gondor (or Théoden may get this still; works either way). If he gets Captain of Gondor, then he's also defending for 6. I prefer to set Denethor up first since he starts with more defense, and generally you'll only need to set one of them up. Théoden can now focus more on questing and attack, and thanks to no longer riding an Armored Destrier, he's able to hold another restricted attachment, so I was able to add Blade of Gondolin, which means there were more targets for Foe Hammer. I also added Dunedain Cache to give Théoden the ability to cause massive pain across the board. I'm considering removing Feint (I almost never use it) and adding Hands Upon the Bow so that either Théoden or Legolas (loaded up with their weapons) can take enemies out in the staging area.

Anyway, other than making some ultra powerful heroes, there's also a load of handy and powerful allies. Legolas and Faramir are favorites, and the rest are just generally helpful. Once Faramir and a few of the Ethir Swordsmen hit the table, you're pretty set for questing. Add in Merry and Théoden once they have some readying, and you're blowing most quests out of the water. The Leadership/Lore deck is built from expensive enemies and you can get a lot of them into play with A Very Good Tale and once you have the resource generation, you'll also have a good deal of money to buy the allies that land in your hand.

Other than that, the cards are relatively standard. There are some very potent combinations in these decks and their really fun to play. It made me very glad that I was able to make Tactics Théoden worth playing... and in these decks, he's far better than Spirit Théoden.


Jul 07, 2017 Odsidian22 212

I had an idea for maximizing Théoden with help from songs and Elfhelm. Glad I found this looks like a blast to play!

Jul 07, 2017 bzgaming 65

@Odsidian22 Yup. Unless you have some absolutely terrible draws (or go against really tough scenarios), you tend to wonder what to do with a lot of your actions.