Middle Earth's Last Hope


Take all aggression and fight with the Dunedain, while you quest, heal and support with Glorfindel, Éowyn, and Denethor. Defend with Denethor if needed, and kill with Glorfindel but use every chance you get to take aggro with the Dunedain.

Questers : Éowyn, Glorfindel, Halbarad Defenders : Denethor, Amarthiúl Attackers : Glorfindel, Aragorn, Halbarad

Try to get Light of Valinor early for Glorfindel, as well as Steward of Gondor for resource generation. Engage with 2 enemies quickly so you can quest for free with Halbarad and get extra resources on Amarthiúl.

Dúnedain Hunter provide more enemy engagement, and 3 attack each which is super good. Guardian of Arnor are there to defend and get stronger with each enemy engaged with you. Secret Vigil can help counter balance threat gain by Glorfindel and your high threat initial start. Feint can be used if you are in a tough spot and can't defend all your engaged enemies. Sailor of Lune provides lots of questing early on. Warden of Healing will keep the Dunedain alive, especially if you have multiple of them out. Athelas Is perfect for the Dunedain companion, even if they can't be used on themselves. Star Brooch Will work well on Halbarad or Glorfindel Unexpected Courage is an excellent card, and I would like to add more however I only have 1 atm. The Long Defeat Is an underrated card. Play this right before you will beat a quest and clear your damage and board state or get card advantage.