Dúnedain Wanderer

Ally. Cost: 5. 1   2   2   2  

Dúnedain. Ranger.

Ranged. Sentinel. Secrecy 3.

They roamed at will southwards, and eastwards even as far as the Misty Mountains; but they were no few and rarely seen.
The Fellowship of the Ring
Ilich Henriquez

Road to Rivendell #29. Leadership.

Dúnedain Wanderer

Dunedain Wanderer summed up: Out of secrecy? Terrible. In secrecy? Not so bad. Think about it. Two leadership resources for a two, two, two ranged/sentinel. Pretty good am I right? Then comes the question of whether or not secrecy in leadership is even plausible. I think it is. You put Denethor and Sam in for heroes, all the secrecy stuff from leadership and neutral, Sword that was Broken, and a regular ally swarm. Completely doable. I think there's some use for you yet, my deer hunting friend.