Secrecy swarm

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Intruders in Chetwood - 1 Player - 2023-05-21
The Weather Hills - 1 Player - 2023-05-21
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warlock000 3533

Strategy tips

Mulligan for Timely Aid. Light of Valinor or other secrecy cards will be just as valuable in your opening hand, try to play as many cards early on as possible.

Rivendell Scout, DĂșnedain Wanderer, Celduin Traveler and Ithilien Lookout are fantastic "ammo" for A Very Good Tale as they enter play cheap, but provide a lot of resources.

Ithilien Pit is a very underrated trap. It works great in secrecy decks - it's cheaper than Ranger Spikes and allows to kill enemies in the staging area (which matters if you have to deal with enemies with archery). It's not a must have in this deck by any means, but I wanted to include it as it's often underused in favour of Ranger Spikes.

Use cards from sideboard if you absolutely need condition removal or shadow cancellation in a given quest (it's probably best to swap Ithilien Pit for them).

/edit: I forgot about Staff of Lebethron - if you want you could add it to the sideboard as an alternative to Hasty Stroke.


May 19, 2023 doomguard 2047

Drinking Song will fastens the whole think up, nice hero confiuration. would add 1-2 Armored Destrier very cool on denethor, perhaps an Shining Shield and/or DĂșnedain Warning

Treebeard is always good and for multiplayer i would add Rhovanion Outrider it remembers me a little bit on my 3-sphere secrecydeck:

May 22, 2023 Ring Maker 242

This was a lot of fun to play. I especially enjoyed the the synergy around the printed cost of secrecy cards and AVGT. Thanks for sharing!

May 22, 2023 warlock000 3533

@Ring Maker thank you, I'm glad you've enjoyed it!