fake grey wanderer

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doomguard 1626

why the title?:

it has most of the benefits of a grey wanderer (secrecy, more res, 1 card can be played nearly independent from sphere (3 of 4 availaible), mainly 1 acting hero (erestor))

healing from the contract is missing, but readying not really with 3 Lembas and 2 Miruvor (that could be placed on your deck, so its availaible every round) with ersestor and 10 cards 1. round its very likely to have one readying in hand.


flaws of the deck?

  • it is an allrounder, have questing and fighting allies, no specialisation.
  • nothing against locations
  • no tracherycancel

Jul 09, 2022 Taurelin 444

I had the honour to play along this deck and watch it in action. It's powerful, flexible, and pretty awesome in general.

One thing I'd consider is making Galion a bit more useful, i.e. giving him the ability to quest, at least, without recycling Miruvor. Celebrían's Stone or Silver Circlet come to mind.

Jul 09, 2022 doomguard 1626

playing with an additional recourse these are good ideas, playing normal, 2-cost cards are thx to erestor not this good. if replacing erestor with Beravor that cards should be inluded.

but i also have thought about further optimisazion. i think the Errand-rider, would be nie and perhaps Windfola is a good addition or (MotK) Galion that can be played in a single round.

Jul 09, 2022 doomguard 1626

nice,for.... my keyboard is old and wounded ^^