The Power Trio

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The BGamerJoe 1578

My wife is attending the Fellowship event with me this year and this is the deck I built for her. We played most of a campaign together a few years ago and this was the hero lineup she played but at that point, neither Tactics Eowyn or Spirit Beregond existed! This is a variation/update on her old favorite deck.

This a hero-focused deck that’s fun, fairly easy to pilot and “safe” to play. Starting at 21 threat (with 31 worth of stats!), it will stay safe from unwanted enemies. It can quest hard on turn 1 and assist the partner deck with Sentinel defense and threat reduction.

Starting Hand

Light of Valinor is probably you best draw with Gondorian Shield and Resourceful right behind. When accompanied by my Harad deck, a turn 1 Galadriel threat reduction can put you into Secrecy right away.

Basic Play

Each hero has a job (or two) that they do well and it’s not too hard to play! Put Unexpected Courage on Beregond first just to stay as safe as possible. Power up Glorfindel with weapons and let him wreck house. If there are boss enemies, Fair and Perilous can be a nice boost, especially if you get the Necklace of Girion on him!

I added the Sailor of Lune because the deck uses a lot of events and I’m assuming The Woodland Realm will have some Necromancer’s Reach style treacheries. I have Power of Orthanc in the sideboard just in case there are brutal condition attachments.

The Rivendell Bow can give Glorfindel some range and Legolas is there for card draw and more ranged attack.

With very few allies in the deck, there is a willpower cap, but the accompanying Harad deck has some very strong willpower in the late game to compensate.


These are power heroes and I’ve seen these three in action so often I don’t feel like it needs too much testing! We played our Fellowship vs a randomly generated Wizard’s Quest and things worked beautifully! Glorfindel and Eowyn smashed that Rider of Mirkwood with a combined 18 at the conclusion of the quest.

Thanks for checking out the deck!


Oct 12, 2018 eldub 287

That Setup text on Éowyn is just too clutch. Because I think the deck works functionally the same with her version and potentially Elven-light for consistency, but it’s harder to crank down to play Resourceful with the discount. Seems super solid. I’d definitely keep something like this around to hand to someone just wanting to play a variety of quests. Thanks for sharing.

Oct 12, 2018 kjeld 13

With only 8 allies (only 6 of which can be on the board at once), did you consider adding in Strider?

Oct 12, 2018 The BGamerJoe 1578

Yes I did. It would be pretty good. I actually have it in the sideboard! @kjeld

Oct 13, 2018 Thejuggler2000 38

Nice deck. This is one of my favorite hero lineups, because of the ability to stay in secrecy for so long. I like Necklace of Girion in this deck; I hadn't ever thought of that but it seems like the extra encounter card wouldn't be a very big problem. Do you think this deck would do well in solo play with so few allies, or is it intendened for multiplayer?

Oct 13, 2018 The BGamerJoe 1578

It’s intended for multiplayer, but it functions as a solo deck pretty well! I used it yesterday vs a random Woodland Realm quest and it won but it treads water at 9-11 willpower for a good long time it’s total max is about 18. It was a hard quest to be fair! @Thejuggler2000

Oct 13, 2018 Captain1118 1

Great deck! I played it solo against To Catch an Orc and it worked perfectly. Eowyn knocked out Mugash the first time and then Glorfindel carried him across the finish line after knocking him out the second time.

Oct 14, 2018 The BGamerJoe 1578

Awesome! I’m glad it worked for you! @Captain1118