Constant Friends; properly repeating Gandalf and Galadriel

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tipton 101

Altered version of the my previous deck which did not work as I thought.

The ruling on the Gamling and Nor am I a Stranger interaction:

When a character leaves play, you immediately discard all attachments from it. After the ally in question has left play, it no longer has the Rohan trait; therefore it is no longer a valid target for Gamling.

This is a relatively one to one switch out of cards, and honestly makes the deck a better, since losing [The Elvenking] is a lot harder than losing Gamling.

Let's play Gandalf or Galadriel every turn... again!

Note: The Elvenking is a card coming in Fire in the Night. I am currently using Diligent Noble in its place for this deck list. But it is an attachment that lets you ready the attached Silvan Hero by returning a silvan ally to your hand.

The main trick to this deck are 4 cards. Bard son of Brand, [The Elvenking], Elf-friend and a self discarding awesome ally like Galadriel or Jandalf.

Play [Galadriel], suit her up with Elf-friend then bounce her with [The Elvenking], and Bard will make sure you get back [Elf-friend as well so you can repeat it next turn. Since you get back all of the attachments, now it is worthwhile to play Mirror of Galadriel as well on the ally and take advantage of that card select too. The loop without the mirror takes 4 resources each turn, 3 leadership and 1 spirit. So you can put [Steward of Gondor] on Brand and you'll be have one spirit resource leftover each turn and net one played attachment as well as be able to play a Dale ally with King of Dale. Once you get [To the Sea, to the Sea!] involved it is 2 resources for the Noldor and the Elf attachment. And with [Elven-Light] you can use the resources you are saving to draw cards!

Once you get 6 resources a turn, which is easily done with a Magic Ring and Steward, you can do this loop with Gandalf every turn. And so far I haven't found much that 4 damage/3 cards/-5 threat won't rescue me from. If you have a way of getting more resources comfortably, you could even start to play Gandalf's attachments.

The Dale Package is amazing on its own and will give you plenty to do while setting up this combo. Moving around Spare Hood and Cloaks in order to play other attachments on naked Dale characters and draw cards is a fun minigame. You can also use [Long Lake Trader] to move all of the [Spare Hood and Cloak] to [Galadriel] or [Gandalf] and get them back into your hand so you can use them to draw more cards.

[Sneak Attack] is great of course, it doesn't work with Galadriel's ability so be careful of that. But you can [Sneak Attack] a [Long Lake Fisherman] to try and find any piece of the combo you are missing.

[Stand and Fight] is great and I'd like to find room for more. For a quick save you can discard an ally to [Legolas] or [To the Sea, to the Sea!] and use [Stand and Fight] to get them out during a phase that isn't planning.

[Miruvor] is in there because I was playing the saga quests and I needed to make sure I always had a card to flip off of the top. It is also just good in general.

Other Allies that work alright for the combo spot are [Hama] and [Damrod]. There are others, and I'm really looking forward to trying it with the Tactics [Beorning Skin-Changer]

Anyway, I'm still tuning this a bunch but it is super fun to play and I wanted to share it!


Nov 05, 2018 Aurion 301

Are we sure Nor am I a Stranger doesn't work with Gamling? I think if it was worded exhaust Gamling to put a discarded Rohan ally back into play it wouldn't work but I think the way it is worded would enable it to work. I feel that the ally would be classed as a Rohan ally right up until it is discarded. You would be able to use Ride to Ruin on an ally with Nor am I a Stranger attached, so I feel that the test for Gamling should come right at the point of discard. I'm probably wrong though. Is there an official ruling?

Nov 05, 2018 talonhawk01 2

@AurionGamling doesn't stop a Rohan Ally from being discarded. His response triggers AFTER one is discarded.

Nov 05, 2018 Gandalf_2077 60

I don't understand why you attach Elf-friend on Galadriel. Am I missing something?

Nov 06, 2018 tipton 101

@Aurion I thought it worked that way too. But the official ruling is that once the ally leaves play, they lose all tokens and attachments, this makes the ally no longer Rohan and therefore an invalid target so the ability whiffs.

@Dimitris It has to the do with the upcoming card The Elvenking. It only bounces 'silvan' so you have to use Elf-friend with Galadriel. But it is way more open now because you can use whatever ally you want instead of Galadriel, it is no longer important that they discard themselves at the end of the turn like in the Rohan version.

Nov 06, 2018 Aurion 301

I suppose it's because it says 'after' instead of 'when' or 'as'. I guess that means that √Čothain won't trigger for the same reason.

Nov 06, 2018 Aurion 301

Don't you still need Arwen Undómiel for the 6th resource to be able to put Gandalf and Elf-friend in each turn?

Nov 06, 2018 tipton 101

Magic Ring can do the sixth for you. Traffic from Dale is also insane in how many resources it can generate. A better deck is probably one that just leverages Traffic from Dale and gets more resources than is necessary.