Lord of a Fell People

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Onidsen 762

Onidsen has a newer deck inspired by this one: Lord of a Fell People

This is a thematic Rohan deck designed to be paired with a Rohan/Isengard Doomed deck. It offers strong questing power from the start of the game, along with a robust combat presence.

Overview: This deck is a standard Rohan staging area attack deck, using Fastred to send enemies back to the staging area and Éomer to kill them. The threat reduction this engine offers plays a significant role in counteracting the Doomed keyword from the companion deck, and this deck helps compensate for a number of weaknesses there.

Heroes: Éowyn is, of course, a powerful questing hero. However, she makes the core engine of the Doomed deck a little easier to get functioning - Elven-light can be played from the moment the other deck draws it, without waiting to find Protector of Lórien. Other than that, things are pretty straight-forward. Éomer is excellent when paired with the new Guarded player cards, and can potentially kill an enemy guarding one on the same turn you play it, thus negating the extra cost. He should get Orcrist, which will help defray the resource cost of attacking into the staging area, while Éowyn should receive the Necklace of Girion to fund the Rohan allies.

Strategy: Most of the deck is completely straightforward. Rohan allies quest, Fastred receives defense boosts like Dúnedain Warning and Hauberk of Mail, and Éomer gets boosted by Dúnedain Mark and Gúthwinë, in addition to Orcrist.

Additional defense above and beyond what Fastred can provide is provided by the Orthanc Guard from the other deck, which will be receiving the Sentinel keyword from Arwen Undómiel. While that ally is being set up, the Snowbourn Scout can serve as an interim emergency button. He can even be recycled to block an enemy attack again and again, all the while providing a consistent trickle of location control and an opportunity to trigger Valiant Sacrifice. The Riddermark's Finest boosts the ability to manage locations, and provides another way to clear Guarded player attachments quickly and easily.

Attack power beyond what Éomer can provide is handled via Ceorl (who can be sent across the table to assist the other deck, in a sort of pseudo-ranged ability), Rider of Rohan. The star ally of the deck, however, is Elfhelm. In addition to 2 extra , he also helps significantly mitigate encounter deck effects that increase threat, thus making the threat of the Doomed deck much less dangerous.

A good opening hand should have some willpower and either an attack boost for Éomer or a defense boost for Fastred.