Siege questing defenders

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Jdhanens 2

This is my first attempt at a deck to take on Cair Andros. This will be paired with a support deck.

I would love suggestions and feedback. (I do not have any of the adventure packs from the Drarrowdelf Cycle.)

The plan is to get Steward of Gondor on Denethor to pay for Dwarven Sellsword and feed Beregond resources so Grimbeorn the Old can keep his for attacking after he defends, who is also the target for Horn of Gondor.

I also want to see an early Defender of Rammas or Winged Guardian to help with the siege questing. Once Denethor and Beregond have a Gondorian Shield, they can either quest or defend depending on the situation. The support deck provides shadow cancellation and readying effects.

I try to clear the two smaller locations and let the third be destroyed by undefended attacks to maintain the siege questing, which means I cannot kill any enemies with victory points.


Feb 12, 2019 Goggen 81

For Cair Andros I would consider swaping Denethor for Mablung and going mono . It can give you a great help against both masters malice and the vanguard, and the other ideas of the deck should still work:

Since Mablung has his own resource-acceleration keeping Grimbeorn the Old fueled shouldn't be a problem, and Mablung can get similar effect out of the Gondorian Shield and quest almost as good as Denethor.

For the cards you then remove I'd probably add a few more eagles. Vassal of the Windlord can be a great help if things go bad and you end up with a battle-quest, and once you have both the Vassal and the Winged Guardian it's very natrual with a few of the other frequent flyers (pun intended).

Feb 12, 2019 Jdhanens 2

@Goggen Thanks for the input. I am still relatively new to the game so I appreciate the suggestions. If I drop the cards I can include a few more weapons too. Thanks again.