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Saga Deck 16.1: The Seige of Gondor 2 0 0 17.0
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RedSpiderr 150

RedSpiderr has a newer deck inspired by this one: Saga Deck 16.1: The Seige of Gondor

I used this deck for the fourteenth quest of my Saga Campaign. I am going to try and keep it as thematic as possible, stemming from the 'What If?' of 'What if Gandalf didn't escape from Orthanc in The Fellowship of the Ring?' Please note, I don't own all the cards, so am not able to make the most powerful thematic deck theoretically possible, but constrained by what I have, here is my best attempt.

After Merry looked into the Palantir of Orthanc, Aragorn resolved to go to Minas Tirith and aid the defense of the White City. The Heir of Elendil revealed his prescense to Sauron using the Seeing Stone and showed The Enemy the Sword that was Reforged: Andruril, Flame of the West. Upon returning to Edoras, Eomer King summoned the Eoreds of Rohan in response to receiving The Red Arrow. The Host of the Rohirrim would ride to Gondor, and war. Aragorn resolved to reach Gondor by another road, as help unlooked for arrived from the north. Led by Halbarad, the Grey Company has riden to follow their Chieftain to claim his kingship, journeying with him as he takes The Paths of the Dead underneath the Dwimorberg.

This deck's primary focus is combat. If at all possible, complete the side-quest Keep Watch as this is one of the very few ways to help Vigilant Dúnadan in his defense. He alone will be able to hold down scores of the weaker enemies, allowing Halbarad and Amarthiúl to realise their best potentials, as well as letting the Guardian of Arnor get boosted up so he can take on the attacks of the Army of the Dead. Andrath Guardsman and Ranger of Cardolan are both excellent choices to use as a stop-gap measure, just in case things are getting out of hand, though be sure to use Outmatched to help with that as well.

In terms of resources, although there are several expensive allies, such as Fornost Bowman and Warden of Annúminas, the second stage of the quest prohibits cards being played, making it the perfect time to use Tighten Our Belts. Heir of Valandil should also be exploited as much as possible, and don't forget #amarthiel will get 2 resources every turn once you're engaged with 2 enemies.

This deck represents the warrior elements of the Grey Company, the bulk of the fighting force that will destroy the servants of Sauron. These are hardened veterans of the wars with Angmar and so the ghosts of the Dwimorberg hold no fear for them. These rangers will clear a path forward for their chieftain as the Grey Company make their way through the Paths of the Dead.

The play-through using this deck can be found here: