the other side of doom

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askelad 561

meant to be played along custom doom. from custom doom, attach:

Goal : play all of the big dudes as fast as possible. Arwel and Elrond with steward generate 4 ressource for any ally each turn, 5 if it is a Harad or neutral with Kahliel. play the biggest thing each turn, and use Vilya for extra value.

the curve is very high so the initial draw (of about 10 thanks to the doom deck) should let us play two fatties a turn consistently.

Mulligan : look for Imladris Stargazer to fix vilya, look out as well for Harads especially Kahliel’s Tribesman which can handle a very big couple few turns along with Kahliel and some harad in hand.

Once a few allies accumulate killing every ennemy immediatly shouldn't be complicated, Northern Tracker ensures that locations clogging is not a risk.


Apr 29, 2019 Catastrophic09 20

Very nice, using the other decks benefits to the max with those huge powerful allies!

Apr 30, 2019 Jelius 90

Would Drinking Song work here? I would run one just in case you have either Imladris Stargazer or Vilya and not the other. Captain's Wisdom might help too, as the big cards in your hand might be hard to play at times.

Apr 30, 2019 Jelius 90

Nevermind, I see the combo now. Wowza!

Apr 30, 2019 askelad 561

check out the deck by catastrophic09 (i posted a version with the right attachments but it is pretty much the same).

i've tested this version and others all afternoon, and it is really stupidly strong although there are a couple problems to tweak (with 2 encounters at a time you really need to be rock solid). The doom deck is super consistent, the only times it failed to deliver everything were due to mistakes on my part during the first games (ressource is much less of an issue than i expected!)

I found Kahliel underwhelming. He is not as good as i hoped to handle early game without Kahliel’s Tribesman.

i'm working on a version that i hope would be stronger, using Elrond and Cirdan for double ring action. I've toyed with other things but as usual nothing beats Vilya.