The Redhorn Gate

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oxnateri 35

oxnateri has a newer deck inspired by this one: Dwarrodelf

Heroes: Dáin Ironfoot hangs back to defend if needed, otherwise stays ready for the heavy dwarf synergy. Bifur if the primary questing hero and Dwalin attacks (hopefully kills some orcs and keeps threat in check).

Lore has the heaviest presence in this deck, so Bifur's ability gets used nearly every turn. Bump Dwalin's resources with Arwin as needed, but otherwise her resource can go to Bifur, too. Lore is mostly focused on getting lots of dwarf allies out for questing swarm. Consider holding Miner of the Iron Hills to counter treachery condition attachments, but don't get greedy if the ally support is needed.

Spirit provides questing support with allies and Untroubled by Darkness. Look to have at least one copy of that for stage 3a.

Leadership is general support: resources (Steward of Gondor, Parting Gifts), Sneak Attack combo, and providing resources for Gandalf.


Sep 16, 2019 Corbs 2

Thanks for putting this up; I beat Redhorn Gate on my first go! I can see your amendments for Road to Rivendell on the next deck, but did you make one for Watcher in the Water? The narrative of what cards you added and removed on the Dwarrowdelf Deck don't seem right as you are removing cards for WitW that weren't in Road to Rivendell?

Sep 16, 2019 oxnateri 35

Glad it was helpful!

Is this the deck you're referencing?

Apologies if there are gaps or mistakes in the notes. Here's the quest log for WitW: Hopefully, that will give you the information you need. If not, let me know and I'll try to jog my memory.

FWIW I think the most important thing for WitW was substituting in Denethor for Bifur. Denethor can defend against tentacles (especially good if you can get A Burning Brand on him) and scry once you get to to stage 3b. I took three losses in a row before I made the hero substitution and it was honestly pretty game breaking.

IIRC all other quests in the cycle I beat with the original trio of dwarf heroes.

Sep 16, 2019 Corbs 2

Ah, that’s perfect thanks! I used your previous Dwarrodelf deck which shows how to amend the original Redhorn to take on Road to Rivendell and that’ will be my next attempt. Then I saw your latest published version of Dwarrodelf which had instructions for creating the Watcher deck, but didn’t quite add up! But that’s fine, I’m just grateful people take the time to publish their decks and guidance for occasional players like me. I only play solo, occasionally solo two-handed, but I have limited card pool as I have only got decks as far as Road to Rivendell as I was quite late to the game.