Radagast non-eagles

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wehehe 537

This is my first approach to a Radagast non-eagles deck.

Not sure if this will work, the deck focuses on Vigilant Dúnadan with Arwen Undómiel, allowing you to set-up a 3 deffense character with sentinel which doesn't exhaust to defend.

Also, you can attach a Wild Stallion and a Round Shield to him to boost their stats.

At the setup, you should use Thurindir to fech The Storm Comes, which will enable you to play Arwen Undómiel, and also allows you the use of Radagast's Staff to play Wild Stallion

Remember that Radagast allows you to spend their resources as if they were of any sphere to cover the cost of creature allies, but, if you play an ally with 0 cost, you need resource sphere matching, which is weird, but it means that normally you can't use radagast's staff to reduce the cost of wild Stallion to 0 if you don't have a spirit hero)

There are a couple of allies to take advantage of Hirgon ability, healing, and some creatures for Radagast. Messenger Raven with Wizard Pipe are there to ensure Radagast to quest without exhausting each round you need it.