Dwarves and Eagles (Core Set + Mirkwood Cycle Only)

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bmtrocks 2

Just got into this game recently and I finally settled on a deck I was proud of after playing it, lol.

After playing the game it doesn't take long to figure out how useful Ally cards are in the grand scheme of things. The Mirkwood cycle gifts us with a series of Eagle allies that have some pretty unique synergy with one another, so naturally I was instantly interested in arguably the game's first Creature-based archetype.

I'm not sure if Dwarves was the best approach with this, but they had a lot of solid synergy and both of the base set dwarves Gimli and Thalin were pretty strong in their own right, so I feel like utilizing them with Dain + the Eagles was suited in the long run.

This deck is designed to tackle the entirety of the Mirkwood cycle.


Jul 11, 2019 kattattack22 12

It seems to me that usually the Boromir + Support of the Eagles was the preferred early Eagle deck. I guess Dain with Support turns him into a beast of a defender.

I'm a little surprised at least Veteran Axehand isn't in the deck to get boosted by Dain.

I'm curious to see how this deck works out for you.

Jul 11, 2019 Goggen 93

Actually Support of the Eagles can't be used on Dáin since he's not a hero (unless you add Song of Battle). I guess it's for Gimli, but if you use him in combat you have very low and you're getting fairly little out of Dain. I would concider dropping it and just rely on the allys and Dáin as he is for combat.

I'd probably add 1x Celebrían's Stone and perhaps the above mentioned Veteran Axehand.

If you feel you need to buff Dain up for boss-defence I would concider Dúnedain Warning.

Jul 11, 2019 kattattack22 12

@Goggen oops, you're right about that. It's been awhile since I used the card.

The whole deck is pretty combat focused and looks like really relies on Faramir for willpower or a questing deck.

Jul 11, 2019 Goggen 93

True it does have that appearence, but unless it's specified as a multiplayerdeck in the description (or listed as part of a fellowship) I usually assume it's supposed to handle at least some solo.

Faramir is an option, but there's two challenges with him. The first is that, presuming you want Steward out early, and on a tactics hero (which I would both say are fair assumptions) Faramir won't be on the board until round 6 at best. Slower if you feel for a Sneak Attack + Gandalf combo, some carddraw as an ally leaves, or don't draw him straight away.

The second is that as awesome as Faramir is he still needs decent questing characters to work with. On his own he's only mediocre. So I would still try to use Dain's ability to it's fullest, by questing with the dwarves, and skip the Support of the Eagles entierly.