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JediMindTrick 36

Pretty straight forward ent deck.

Thurindir to fetch The Storm Comes to set up playing ents starting turn two.

Narya and Faramir to ready exhausted ents for the combat phase.

Man the Walls to help stack resources for other events and attachments since ents will never quest on the turn they enter play.

Turn 1 you quest for 8 to start, shooting to complete The Storm Comes turn 1.

An ideal Turn 1 would be Treebeard and Wealth of Gondor/Man the Walls for a Turn 1 Treebeard to start ramping your econ even more with a good blocker.

A good starting hand Quickbeam/Wandering Ent plus Man the Walls to get an ent out Turn 1 as a chump against Turn 1 enemies.

Light of Valinor could be swapped for an Unexpected Courage if your teaming with a Glorfindel. Steward of Gondor is always good but isnt an absolute requirement for this deck to run and could be swapped for something else if need be.