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The Broken Meeple 37

Oh how I've looked forward to this deluxe expansion to review! The quests and setting alone intrigued me but now being able to deck build around the One Ring, the new awesome contract Fellowship or even try Smeagol out (still trying to work out how you get him to function, but I'm sure others have ideas).

This deck takes inspiration and a lot of similar cards to Beorn's amazing A Weary Pilgrim deck so credit where its due: - I'm not an expert deck builder, I just love the game!

Now I wanted to try to feature all the cool new elements of the expansion in but it wasn't feasible. I needed Hobbit heroes to allow for The Shirefolk so Smeagol was out. Luckily though I could make use of what I think is an awesome Frodo Baggins and cheekily fit in The One Ring with a few choice events to keep the deck thematic. I'm still not convinced building around The One Ring makes a deck more viable, but here it kind of works because I aim to keep my threat as low as possible so the elimination reduction doesn't phase me. In my plays so far that would have only screwed me over at The Prancing Pony when that annoying Susie chick delayed me for so long with her invulnerability.

The fact I'm using all Hobbits is also why Aragorn has been........ errr...... sent for aid. . . (yeah that's a good fit, roll with it)! And this Fellowship is taking a somewhat different route hence Pippin's question is more apt here........

The deck play is pretty simple. Get those allies out fast by any means necessary and flip the contract. Once done I find I almost never lose a character at that point but if one does kick the bucket you've got plenty where they came from. The buff that contract gives you is just insane. A 5/5/5 Gandalf with his attachments is just heaven on toast.

The deck can normally stay in secrecy for a good while allowing for Timely Aid and Resourceful to earn their keep. The Shirefolk is just plain ridiculous as a card and if you draw enough of them you can keep your threat in the teens and twenties with little to no effort allowing you to quest past the enemies for the most part until you've got your dream team ready to strike back.

Frodo Baggins I think is an excellent card. Aside from Timely Aid and Send for Aid and maybe Rosie Cotton I usually try never to pay for a LD character using his resources. That's because I love his text. Readying a unique ally powerhouse in this deck is amazing (frequently Glorfindel or Treebeard gets the love) alongside a non-exhausting Gandalf, but reducing your threat by one on a successful quest, which won't be a hard feat to pull off, keeps your threat level nice and steady.

As for The Master Ring - it was a choice between that or the Feint one, I don't like the third one at all. I chose The Master Ring because I usually don't have to worry about a massive enemy screwing me over early (touch wood), but an ill-timed treachery card can be a right pain so it acts as an insurance policy for the worst case scenario. Plus taking one into your hand in setup thins the deck by 1 card, why not?

I'm up for suggestions though, but so far it beat all the quests in the deluxe set and also "just" managed Murder at the Prancing Pony, but as I said, Susie delayed me by loads and I was hyper-unlucky with the Investigation deck and determined to not "guess" the murderer which probably wasn't the best plan, but I wanted my first go at the quest to be perfect! :P