Legolas Shoots Locations aka Mono Tactics v4

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kattattack22 791

Mono Tactics deck for Heirs of Numenor and Against the Shadow cycle. I tweaked the deck as I played through the cycle and through the various iterations it beat every quest. It definitely settled into a final form by Encounter at Amon Din. At the bottom I've linked the quest logs with fairly detailed turn by turn descriptions of playing this deck.

The main challenge with the deck will be questing (I know big surprise for a Tactics deck). Bofur, the Ents, and Eagles of the Misty Mountains are generally there to help quest. Drawing weapons and some additional defending are secondary uses for them.

Core set Legolas hero helps make progress on quests and locations. Arod included for some additional location control. DĂșnedain Hunter should be used to help find enemies for Legolas to kill and put progress on the active location or quest. Some quests in the cycle it won't really be necessary to play DĂșnedain Hunter because there will be plenty of enemies to deal with and he can be swapped for Grimbold or Vassal of the Windlord.

Secret Vigil definitely works better if enemies typically have 3 threat. It was not very helpful in Into Ithilien where printed threat was usually 1 or 2. Favor of the Valar is the main card for preventing a loss due to threat.

There is no treachery cancellation in the deck. Treacheries just have to be endured. A lot treacheries in the cycle end up being played around because of using a mono sphere deck anyway. No shadow cancellation except in the sideboard. The deck has plenty of alternate defenders that typically once I saw a bad shadow card, I started using Defender of Rammas and Derndingle Warrior as the primary defender rather than risk Beregond.

Honour Guard is super helpful in keeping heroes and allies alive since there is a lot Archery in the cycle.

Horn of Gondor in the sideboard because this deck doesn't really need additional resources since all three heroes generate Tactics resources. May put in if need to switch to a chump blocker heavy list.

If not using the hero version of Legolas then the ally version should go in for card draw. The Legolas package of Arod, Rivendell Blade, and Hands Upon the Bow should be replaced with Sterner than Steel, Dwarven Axe, and Legolas ally.

Tactics Aragorn included for Heirs of Numenor quests to lower enemies' defense and provide a secondary quester or defender if needed.