Outlandish Elves

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SecondhandTook 419

This deck is inspired from Goggen's Truely Outlandish deck that was published this past February.

While this is by no means a Tier 1 Outlands deck, it is definitely fun to play... if it gets going. If you're looking for consistency, you may want to look elsewhere for a deck.

If you're still reading, then hooray! I hope this deck is enjoyable for you as it is for me when the engine starts humming.

Mulligans Ideally, you want Lord of Morthond in your opening hand. If you can't find that, then Steward of Gondor is your second preference. Lacking card-draw is going to bite, but being able to start dropping down your 15 outlands allies should buy you time. If you're low on Outlands allies, then a Steward on Hirluin will at least help you take advantage of Thranduil's ability and drop down allies like Legolas sooner than normal.

Opening Turns You're starting threat is just a little bit higher than is comfortable, especially with a deck without a reliable defender - so you might want to prepare to have Thranduil take a couple of the opening attacks. Once your Outlands allies are setup, then they can start doing some of the heavy lifting.

Mid-Game Once this quirky little engine starts running, you're going to be bouncing Silvan allies with The Elvenking to ready Thranduil and Prince Imrahil. Cast the Silvan ally again to draw a card thanks to Lord of Morthond and then, if you've drawn into it, use a buffed up Imrahil courtesy of Prince of Dol Amroth to really start laying waste to enemies.

That's a quick/dirty summary of the deck. The good news is that, while Outlands may not be receiving new allies anytime soon, you can always keep an eye on new Silvan allies to bolster that aspect of the deck. Again, like I mentioned in the beginning, a downside of this deck is consistency, something I recall Goggen mentioning in his original list as well. Sometimes you'll mulligan into the wrong half of your deck, and that's just the risk you take with a deck like this :)


Sep 11, 2019 Booming_Ent 44

Very interesting how this deck basically combines two archetypes. It looks very fun to play! I'm a bit curious as of why Captain's Wisdom is included, due to the fact that Steward of Gondor is in this deck, and with A Very Good Tale, it seems you would want as many allies as possible instead of events of no particular power. Overall, looks very good, though!

Sep 11, 2019 kjeld 13

Building on Booming_Ent's comment, it seems you could perhaps drop 2x We Are Not Idle and 2x Captain's Wisdom for an extra A Very Good Tale and 3x Silvan allies (or 2x + Faramir). That would help maximize the utility of the tale.

Sep 12, 2019 SecondhandTook 419

@kjeld``@Booming_EntSince this was someone else's deck list originally, I'm still tweaking the numbers for my play style and meta. But, I see where you two are coming from. Captain's Wisdom wisdom can probably be sided out - I included two copies to free up Hirluin's resources (since there are so many readying effects for the other two heroes). Otherwise, Captain's Wisdom is there when another player absolutely needs their Steward.

As for the allies - Faramir is someone I'm going to have in the sideboard unless we need the extra questing boost. I found myself in my few games (admittedly, only a few, so we'll see with more sessions) holding too many leadership allies in my hand and unable to trigger Lord of Morthond. But I suppose I can find some room. Thanks for the tips! Still a work in progress :)