Awake, You Fools!

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The Purple Wizard 595

This deck is designed to play Journey In The Dark in the Nightmare Campaign alongside TheChap's deck Journey In The Nightmare.

This may be the closest I've come in this saga thus far to a "normal" version of my Haldir deck. Mostly standard Haldir fare here.

Some of the more uncommon card choices here:

~Pippin is here to be fed to the Balrog at the end of the game. At last year's Con of the Rings there was an accomplishment you could earn in this quest called "Fool of a Took!" which was earned by sacrificing Pippin to the Balrog. Ally Pippin just came out so I'd wager we are the first to ever sacrifice the ally version of Pippin here. Chad has a copy of Sword-thain (which clearly belongs on Pippin) that we used to make Pippin a hero. Then we could sacrifice Pippin and be able to kill the Balrog. In the nightmare version of this quest you can't return heroes from your discard pile to the game but you HAVE to lose a hero to win the game, and neither of us wanted to lose one of our regular heroes, so Pippin it was.

~TONS of direct damage here. so the other allies all reflect that. A second copy of Honour Guard was the final cut to reach 50 cards.

~Close Call is here to save us from the shadow effect on the burden card "Shadow of Fear" that says "Defending character does not count its defense." Normally you could just include shadow cancellation for that, but when the Balrog attacks its shadow effects can't be cancelled, so Close Call is here to save Dáin Ironfoot from a grisly end. In retrospect, the only change I would make to this deck would be to drop one of these Close Calls and add a second Honour guard.

~Glamdring here is meant to be the boon version of the card, not the treasure one, but boon cards aren't available on this site for some reason.

~Keeping Count is there to help take down the Balrog. First one goes on Haldir of Lórien to build up and the second goes on Éowyn.

~Reforged is here to help Chad's deck buy all the leadership attachments it has.