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Esh 23

This deck is meant to be played alongside my Tree People and Tree-people deck, and will provide the majority of questing while that deck handles the brunt of combat.

Merry along with Song of Eärendil will act as a threat release valve for the whole team. Aragorn keeps the hobbits safe while boosting willpower with Celebrían's Stone and Sword that was Broken. Sam Gamgee is here because I wanted a second Leadership hero without raising my starting threat too much, plus he can take advantage of the second Hobbit Pony for more precise questing.

Light of Valinor goes on Rossiel in the partner deck. Power of Orthanc can of course be left out depending on the quest.

I had a really hard time cutting cards for this deck, which has left it with a lot of one-ofs, which might be a problem. Both decks run Gather Information though, which should hopefully help.