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Dunhere and Hobbits
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Adaepholn 44

Intro and Concept

This was the first secrecy deck I made, using cards from the first 2 cycles, HoN, EaAD and TMV. I did play some scenarios solo with this deck then used it with a Hobbit deck for some of the LotR saga. I added cards from the saga boxes as I played through them.

I'm not currently using this deck, and if I revisit it I expect to have a larger card pool so will probably make something different enough to warrant a new deck.

I wanted to use Dúnhere in secrecy and this deck began with Songs of Battle and Spears of the Mark to help boost his attack. Once I started using it with the Hobbit deck I didn't need them as the Daggers of Westernesse were more useful.

For details on the results when this deck was used with the Hobbit deck see the fellowship description.


Usually I would try to get Light of Valinor in round 1, then Bifur and Glorfindel would quest. Resourceful was nice to see early on as well.

Early on, Dúnhere would try to take out most enemies in the staging area, hopefully with Daggers of Westernesse from the other deck. I usually put Unexpected Courage on Dúnhere then he could attack two enemies in the staging area.

Arwen Undómiel was a priority to get out, as then Sam Gamgee would defend from the other deck. Háma could defend against weak enemies a few times, or against a big enemy in an emergency. I tried to play the secrecy cards while I was in secrecy, sometimes using Elrond's Counsel and The Galadhrim's Greeting just to stay in secrecy.


I did play some quests solo with this deck, not with much success, for those quests defending was a problem, attacking was normally OK if I had Spear of the Mark on Dúnhere. In full:

  • The Seventh Level 2/2 (I used the Book on Bifur so he could defend)
  • Into the Pit 2/3 (Getting Asfaloth early on helped a lot)
  • Flight from Moria 0/1 (I lost to Sudden Pitfall early on)
  • Journey down the Anduin 2/2 (Quite easy to stall against the Hill Troll and slowly kill it off with Dúnhere when he had 2 Spears of the Mark)
  • Foundations of Stone 2/3 (I tried to take it really slow and almost drew the whole deck before stage 3 on the wins. I lost to Goblin Follower early on) -Peril in Pelargir 1/3 (Battle questing is not great for this deck)
  • Encounter at Amon Din 2/4 (One loss was to a Craven eagle in setup, then failing draw any questing allies, the other loss was using Alcaron to defend)
  • A Shadow of the Past 0/2 (not in campaign mode, I struggled to deal with the Black Riders)


The sideboard contains cards that used to be in the deck. I used The Three Hunters for the Treason of Saruman scenarios. Rivendell Minstrel was for fetching Song of Battle which was only to pay for Spears of the Mark. Not having a good defender was a big weakness of the deck. I think if I return to secrecy with more cards I'll try to fix that.