Black Riders Hobbits

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Dunhere and Hobbits
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Adaepholn 29

Intro and Concept

This deck is the first deck I made with the Black Riders cards, and I played a through the first 2/3 of the LotR Saga with it, as well as a few other quests. I began this deck with cards from the first two cycles, HoN, EaAD, TMV and the Black Riders. I then added some cards from the TRD, TToS and TLoS.

I played this deck paired with a Dúnhere deck, both starting in secrecy. Sam Gamgee was the main defender for both decks, while Merry did most of the attacking for this deck.

I used Frodo Baggins from the Black Riders for all the saga quests with Frodo.

For details on scenarios played with this deck see the fellowship description.

This is a fairly old deck which I haven't played recently but I thought I'd publish it.


Generally, Pippin and Sam Gamgee would quest each round, as well as Frodo Baggins for the saga scenarios. Merry usually held back for attacking.

Fast Hitch was highest priority for Sam Gamgee, then Merry. Hobbit Cloak and Dúnedain Warning were for Sam Gamgee, as well as Ring Mail. I did rely on Arwen Undómiel from the other deck to give Sam Gamgee sentinel.

The Daggers of Westernesse were mainly for Dúnhere but any spares were good on Merry. Steward of Gondor was usually played on one of these heroes, depending on which cards I had in hand. Dúnedain Cache was for Dúnhere or Merry.

Timely Aid was great to draw at the start with so many good allies to pull with it. Elf-stone helps get some of the expensive allies as well.


The sideboard contains cards that were in the deck at one point, and I took out. I'm not using this deck currently, but I think it worked fairly well.