Sam Lays a Trap

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ellipticaltable 76

A quest+support deck, designed to be paired with a Dunedain combat deck.

This deck also happens to break "The Battle of Carn Dûm". With a bit of luck, we managed to empty the entire encounter deck (except for 1 location) into Snared or Spiked shadow cards. Once we had finished turtling, repeated Sneaking of Gandalf took care of the spiked enemies, while normal combat did the rest.

Mulligan for Steward, which goes on Damrod. After that, the priorities are Firyal and Treebeard, followed by either Anborn or Wardens, depending on how the quest is going.

Most of the resources after turn 3 or so are superflous, so I typically used Gildor almost every turn. As long as I had a trap to play, my partner did most of the drawing. Between Daeron's/etc and Damrod, I emptied my deck most games.

Surprises are handled by Sneaking Gandalf, repeatedly. One game, I used Gandalf during each of the first 4 turns! In the late game, he'll sometimes appear multiple times in a single round.

Shadow of the Past was unexpectedly powerful. You can force a powerful enemy onto Ranger Spikes, summon Tom Bombadil or similar cards from partner decks, or simply ensure a friendly encounter deck.


Jul 03, 2020 doomguard 192

good use of shadow of the past!!

perhaps some elvenstones will help with the expensive allies

Jul 08, 2020 ellipticaltable 76

Thanks. And good idea on the stones. That should help a lot