Dúnedains fight dirty

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ashkevron 33

When my partner said that he built a trap deck, I wanted to build and play a pure Dunedain deck. His traps were the only way I was going to get through the stress of having enemies engaged with me! Since his deck provided quest and healing, I had to ensure that my deck could fight.

After studying a number of Dunedain decks, I chose to start with Amarthiúl and Halbarad. Thurindir was an easy choice to round out the trio.

In the opening hand, I look for Dúnedain Warning for extra shield, Armored Destrier or Outmatched for readying, and Heir of Valandil for resource acceleration. The rest of the cards: it'd be great to have a Sneak Attack and a Gandalf, maybe a Ranger of Cardolan for early fight / defense in a pinch, but honestly - any ally would do.

On Turn 1, I wanted to have at least one Dúnedain Warning on Amarthiúl. Quest both Halbarad and Thurindir, ideally going for a side quest (either Send for Aid or Gather Information). Depending on the quest, we often got through the side quest on Turn 1. Engage one enemy to gain red, two enemies if Send for Aid got you a great ally and the enemies aren't too strong on .

From there, Vigilant Dúnadan with 1-2 Round Shields becomes a priority, as he can defend against most enemies without exhausting with little damage seeping through. Do complete Keep Watch: it allows your Vigilant Dúnadan to defend most attacks with limited damage.

All Dúnedain Warnings go on Amarthiúl with a Armored Destrier. I often ended the game with Amarthiúl riding two Armored Destriers, and Halbarad on the third for shadow control. Thurindir is here for quest (between player and encounter deck sidequests, he'd quest for 6 alone), card draw (do play Sarn Ford Sentry when you have 5 enemies engaged with you), and damage sink. Thalion is here for resource acceleration, if needed.

As with any Dunedain deck, you are looking to have 2-3 wimpy enemies engaged with you at all times (ideally some under a Forest Snare from my partner's deck), and you engage 2-3 a turn. On any given turn, you would usually kill 1 using Fornost Bowman, and get the others just a bit closer to dead.

Since our fellowship had no encounter deck cancellation, I put in Wait no Longer to limit the number of cards revealed to 1.

This deck was a lot of fun to play, even if the battle of Carn Dum got a bit dicey at times.