Lady Killers

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TritonWreck 147

This deck isn't too different than some other Three Hunters decks out there but I've had fun playing it. And it seems to be fairly strong (with attacking power) when you get going. Although it may be hard to play with others since it's hogging three of the best heroes in the game.

Questing is less of a problem early on compared to other 3 Hunters decks because of the high starting willpower. Get Arwen set up with The One Ring and Inner Strength and she becomes a decent defender. Then get some Elven Mail on her to boost her hitpoints. If you want to max out her HPs, she can get to around 10+ HP when you add Well Preserved and Ring of Barahir. Then heal her up with Well Preserved. Or you can spread the HP boosts between Arwen and Galadriel for undefended attacks.

Attach all the Rohan attachments on Eowyn and she can defend against a big guy once (Golden Shield) and take out multiple enemies with Herugrim and Firefoot. The Golden Belt is for her too.

The Mirror of Galadriel on Galadriel almost feels like cheating letting you get the cards you want when you need them to set up the contract, reduce threat, etc. But try to have a Silver Harp on her first.

Miruvor is an interesting card and a lot of time I prefer it over Unexpected Courage, not just because it's cheaper. In the early rounds, you can start the game with one or two on Eowyn in case you need to use her ability and take out multiple enemies. In one game I used it to put another resource on Eowyn to buy Firefoot, returned it to my deck, drew it with Elven Light and played again on Eowyn. Then I quested with her, readied her and gave her +1 WP for questing and then used that +1 WP as ATT with Herugrim to have just enough attack to finish off two enemies using Firefoot.

Starting hand: look for a good combination of restricted attachments, readying effects, or the Mirror and Harp.

I've tested this deck against some more fighty quests (Umbar, Chetwood, and Eriador) and was able to beat them but I'm not sure how it would do against any harder quests. And sometimes it suffers against the enemy swarm quests.

Tip: have Elven Light in hand when using the Mirror as a way to possibly discard it if you need more card draw since there is only one consistent way to discard it using Arwen's ability (you can also discard it using Daeron's Runes).

Side Board: Contains some cards that can be fun with this deck if you want to swap them in.


Sep 13, 2020 Truck 16

Lady Killers? Do they kill ladies? Or are they Killer Ladies?

Sep 15, 2020 TritonWreck 147

The latter of course ;)