Ancient Enmities Aside

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radAGHAST 357

This Three Hunters Build addresses several main limitations to the Forth, The Three Hunters! contract.

1) Speed: This deck is fast. In my myriad play experiences, it is all but a guarantee that you'll get the contract turned over by the end of turn two. Very often, it's turned over by the end of turn one, especially if you draw at least one Well-Equipped.

2) Cards Post-Contract: I often find that once my contract is fulfilled in a Forth, The Three Hunters! deck, I don't really do all that much. Cards sort of sit in my hand, I may swap out some restricted attachments as I optimize, but mostly I don't do very much. The abilities on each hero in this deck address this limitation:

Dáin Ironfoot and Thorin Stonehelm work with the cards in your deck, winnowing them down but transforming them into extra and damage respectively.

Erestor obliges you to leverage the 4 cards in your hand every turn because they're going away whether you like it or not. You can leverage them with manifold cards: Protector of Lórien, Keen Longbow, and Elven Spear and even get multiple uses out of them with Silver Harp.

This deck is also chock-full of generic, 0-cost attachments: Legacy Blade, Bow of Yew, Round Shield that can go on at least 2 (if not all 3) of the heroes to get you to that coveted 2-restricted ASAP.

Mulligan: for the 0-cost attachments or Well-Equipped, an awesome card that absolutely shines here.

Erestor is really the only hero with any debate about how you build him. For Dáin Ironfoot emphasize and actions; for Thorin Stonehelm emphasize .

Defensive Erestor: A Burning Brand, Elven Mail, Protector of Lórien, Unexpected Courage.

Offensive Erestor: Elven Spear, Keen Longbow, Legacy Blade.

The primary limitation of this deck is it doesn't generate massive , even once the contract is fulfilled. It does serviceable questing, though, that tops at about 17 by my estimation. It compensates for that dearth with its preponderance of sentinel defenses and fair ability to attack ranged-ly.

Have fun and let me know what you think!


Sep 12, 2020 Alonewolf87 574

Sep 12, 2020 radAGHAST 357

@Alonewolf87 You know, I kinda forgot about that card. It would be good. Maybe swap out the lembas since you don't really need the healing too badly (although the action adv is nice).

Sep 14, 2020 Jtothemac 322

I'm not sure if you like the guarded aspect, but Ring of Thrór is an excellent three hunters card when you include a dwarf. It's like another courage but you can also bring attachments into play too

Sep 14, 2020 radAGHAST 357

@Jtothemac that’s a good idea! I usually don’t put them in because they aren’t great for pace, but one copy here makes a ton of sense, and really is there a better attachment effect lol