The Very Wise Captain

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Seastan 41990

Mulligan for Song of Travel.

The ideal starting turn is something like this:

Starting Resources: Boromir (1) Denethor (3) Erestor (1)

Play Captain's Wisdom, Gaining Strength, and Wealth of Gondor on Boromir. Ready Boromir to play another Captain's Wisdom if needed. Resources are now around 5/3/1.

Play Steward on Boromir & Exhaust it.


Play Song of Travel on Boromir.


Use Denethor to transfer a resource to Boromir.


Play Blood and Fire on Boromir. You haven't even started the game and he's already a monster.

Often at this point I'll play out any Spirit cards in my hand using Boromir's pool, because he doesn't really need all those resources right away.

The rest of the game is basically a cake walk. Boromir will grow at +4 resources/turn, plus any events you draw. Threat reduction is nigh infinite with 3x The Galadhrim's Greeting, 3x Elrond's Counsel, and 3x Will of the West. I completed a 20-something round attempt of Thing in the Depths with 0 threat.


Jun 21, 2016 emorlecallor 1245

I love how the deck shows up on the front page as a Spirit deck, even though it contains no hero. RingsDB must judge which sphere to put a deck in based on the spheres in your deck, not your heroes. Interesting.

As for the deck, it is marvelous as always. I tried the "card draw simulator" out and the odds calculator told me there is a 50% chance of getting Song of Travel in your opening hand even without taking a mulligan. The power of Erestor is truly amazing. Well done, sir.

Jun 22, 2016 Aorakis 582

Very good job.

An other deck to show how Erestor is one of the most "O.P" hero in this game.

(not to mention about Boromir ^^)

I would probably make some Room to add the 3rd Anfalas instead of a greeting or a will of the west. and probably add the 3rd Numenor for 1 gondorian fire as i always found defense prior on Offense.

Very well done Spock !

live long and play lotr lcg ! ;)

Jun 22, 2016 hon 402

Shadows never an issue?

Jun 22, 2016 Aorakis 582


Well with Boromir defending like a crazy + (almost) infinite untap, not really.

Hardest turns are the 2, 3 first ones, like always in this game, after that Boromir got plenty of ressource and can multiple defend as many times as you can take +1 threat so...

Jun 22, 2016 Seastan 41990


@hon95% of the time the shadow does something like +attack, or additional attack, etc. which are no problem for Boromir. There is the occasional shadow effect, like Despair, that wrecks Boromir, so you have to keep an eye out for quests like that and include some Hasty Stokes and hold onto them with Harp.

Jun 22, 2016 Aorakis 582

I tried it few times now, and i found myself, like 3 or 4 times without that "Song of travel" and let me say, without it, this deck is dead ^^

So i would strongly recommand to add 3 "Heed the Dream" for 3 "gaining strengh" so you got better chance to grab cards you need fast !

Jun 22, 2016 Seastan 41990

@AorakisYes, the willpower suffers if you don't get Song of Travel out right away. But you should still be fine for combat with Gondorian Shield and Gondorian Fire.

Swapping out 3 Daeron's Runes for 3 Heed the Dream is a good idea I think.

Jun 22, 2016 Aorakis 582

Well i reckon you don't really need 3 0 cost ressource generators, so i guess having Runes + Heed for some strong drawing would help to grab the 2 important cards for round 1 wich are "Song of travel" and "steward of gondor"

After that the deck is ready to pay everything.

Jun 22, 2016 Feta Cheese 101

This deck looks sick. But do you consider this one stronger than your Boromir/Galadriel/glorfindel deck?

Jun 22, 2016 Seastan 41990

@AorakisI wouldn't want to give up any of the leadership events. They really help play everything in the opening hand.

@Feta CheeseDepends. It's much faster setup, which makes it stronger for many quests. But I'm not sure if it can beat literally all the quests like the other Boromir deck can. It's got no shadow cancel, healing, or location control, for example. And it also really stumbles if you don't get your song early, but I'm working on that. The other Boromir deck might be weaker on average, but it's more consistent and tuned to the "rule them all" approach.