Girl Scouts of Eregion

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ohuerc 384

Eleanor is not a Scout but she doesn't quest anyway. Putting her in this deck enables Well Warned, which can help keep the Tactics deck in Secrecy. Also, she can receive money from Arwen Undómiel if the decks need balancing.

I had one Valiant Determination for Súlien, but the end-game plan is to give her Sword-thain, after which it has no effect. I probably have enough questing and pseudo-questing (ie bonus progress on locations) that she can hold back sometimes for her effect.

Obviously, the best effect here is the Scouting Party, with Dwarven Tomb and Map of Earnil. Tale of Tinúviel could be a quest boost also, but is better used for blocking or attacking. Ride Them Down can help with combat, Strength of Will to help clear locations, Well Warned for threat reduction; and any of these can be recycled as needed. The deck can also Dwarven Tomb an Ancient Mathom, if that ends up being a priority.