Sneaky Hobbits

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banania 852

A deck I used while my girlfriend played my Fair Ithilien Deck to beat the City of Ulfast.

The general strategy being:

  • Use agressively the Grey Wanderer contract in the Trap deck, so you'll catch-up with the Hobbit's deck threat while maximizing your setup. Ideally, you won't engage any enemy during the scenario except for the City Guard (in our run, we finally engaged 2 enemies over the course the game).
  • Once both deck are on-par threat wise, use the Hobbit deck and Song of Eärendil to soak up threat while reducing it like crazy with all the tools included.
  • Play questing ally and overquest as quickly as possible the first 3 stages. It's not that hard, you'll see, especially because that stratey allows you to avoid: shadow effects, engagement effects (like placing extra tokens on the quest).
  • You'll mostly have to deal with nasty Travel effects, but that's manageable and you can use the occasional Ancient Mathom+South Away!
  • On stage 4, place the 20 progress and you'll definitely be at that point in threat range of the City Guard. The Fair Ithilien deck can sacrifice a Guardian of Ithilien or 2, and Frodo Baggins+Free to Choose or an ally can die the City Guard attacks. The Fair Ithilien deck should be strong enough to must 12-16 a turn, meaning you'll need two turns to kill off the guard.

As the deck was really fun to play, I decided to try it Solo against the Core Set Quests with the following modifications:


For more attack in order to kill the Ungoliant's Spawn / Trolls / Chief Ufthak:

I beat Passage through Mirkwood and Journey Down the Anduin but couldn't do anything against Escape from Dol Guldur.

Any start with Frodo as the prisoner is basically a loss since you'll have to defend more often than not those pesky 8-10 engagement cost enemies with not so many ways to kill them. I did a dozen attempts and finally globally scooped. Could get half the time to stage 2, but dealing with the Nazgûl was a bit too much for that deck that requires a lot of turtling.


Nov 22, 2020 bobbymcbobface 90

Love the deck! One thing, unless I am mistaken, Free to Choose is only for encounter threat raises, and thus doesn’t work with Frodo’s ability correct?

Nov 23, 2020 banania 852

Dammit you're right. We had to replay the scenario, I wanted a clean victory :). So in the end, used Free to Choose on the numerous occasion the encounter deck would raise threat and reverted back to good old The Galadhrim's Greeting in case of a City Guard attack. Thanks for pointing that out.