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[Thematic Campaign] To Mordor
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banania 1180

Played as part of a 2-player Fellowship in a Saga Campaign.

This deck also plays Dard and the Mithril Shirt, as well as Brace of Coneys (after Passage of the Marshes. It plays very simply, the goal being to buff up Sam Gamgee as quickly as possible, because he can do it all by himself after that against Orc and middle-sized enemies. Strider is of course the go-to attachment, but if you have it in your starting hand, going for Hobbit Cloak, Dagger of Westernesse or Fast Hitch depending on the scenario is very interesting.



Jan 10, 2021 nelloianiro 672

I liked your deck and now it's higher on the trending list than mine. You kind of deserve it. Maybe add some Dunedain marks and warnings

Jan 11, 2021 AlasForCeleborn 353

I just realized something kind of...strange. This deck is incredibly thematic for Saga, at least the Frodo side of things, and it looks like it could be quite powerful (love the combo with Grey Wanderer's no resource match and Frodo Can't Pay Tuition, btw).

It would just help if Saga allowed a deck like this to actually WORK in the Frodo side of things. Archery in the Cross-roads, Shelob's Lair's strange anti-attachment and voltron design (it's incredibly hard, between the likes of Exhalation of Decay and Shelob's Venom, to sneak into Mordor, but as far as I remember there's no punishment for ally swarming), that one Condition from Mount Doom that basically says 'if I show up and you don't have something like Power of Orthanc, gg,' ...

Honestly, it feels like this deck is more thematic than the quests it's for.

Jan 11, 2021 banania 1180

Well it is meant to be played with the Frodo's storyline in the saga (see the related Fellowship) and specifically the Land of Shadow quests.

It worked well enough even if, as you mentioned, it seems those quests are nearly tailored to specifically beat that deck. And I would actually argue that it is super thematic! ;)

Jan 12, 2021 InterDan 25

@AlasForCeleborn I am very curious about the story behind calling it 'Frodo Can't Pay Tuition', which I find very funny.

Jan 12, 2021 AlasForCeleborn 353

@banania, apologies, I knew that it was meant for Frodo's side of Saga, I was just reaffirming that it is incredibly thematic for that purpose. Also, IMO, it's not just that those quests seem designed to hinder that specific deck archetype, it's that most of them don't include a lot of non-anti-chumping anti-ally swarm mechanics (i.e.; you're more likely to succeed at forcing your way into Mordor with a huge army than by sneaking in with a low-threat Voltron). Mount Doom does, but then again, Mount Doom hates everyone.

@InterDan, there's not much story to tell, sadly; Intuition sounds similar to tuition, the story of rising college tuition prices is well-known, at least in America, and the word combination just sounds, like you said, funny.

Jan 15, 2021 Thrakhath 34

What's WANI doing here?

Jan 17, 2021 RainKing 5

@Thrakhath Some folks like to include it to thin their deck. Even if you don't kneel any dwarf heroes, you still get to draw the card from it's action. I was confused too the first time I saw that.