Fear No More

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[Thematic Campaign] To Mordor
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banania 1216

Played as part of a 2-player Fellowship in a Saga Campaign.

Also plays a copy of Brace of Coneys (after Passage of the Marshes). This deck was designed to accompany Frodo up to Mount Doom. It pilots as a Forth, The Three Hunters! with the principal goal of having Mablung as your defender, Haldir of Lórien as your attacker and Damrod as your quester (so it kinda doesn't matter what your put on Damrod to flip the contrat, usually a Round Shield and Ranger Spear is enough).

Damrod is an interesting hero to play with Forth, The Three Hunters!. Its built-in cost reduction carries on even on side-B of the contract, so you're still kinda drowning in resources AND he gives you a bit of card draw that really helps with getting the deck rolling, as F3H decks weakness is the card draw.


  • For Journey to the Cross-roads switch Ranger Spikes (useless in that scenario) to Ithilien Pit (very useful in that scenario).
  • Take No Notice was included as a sort of "threat reduction" to be able to benefit a bit more from Haldir of Lórien ability, but it hasn't been used finally.

Jan 14, 2021 doomguard 868

would add 3 Legacy Blade and 1 Horn of Gondor that would fasten flipping the contract.

consider some Lembas 2 actions can make the difference.