Lothíriel‘s Family

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Foundations of Stone - 2 Players - 2021-01-20
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TheMisFitMan 94

Mulligan for Pillars of the Kings in starting hand and play it immediately to draw four cards and get yourself to valour-mode.

Play Steward of Gondor, Gondorian Shield, Armored Destrier and Visionary Leadership on Prince Imrahil.

Attach Firefoot to Éomer and Horn of the Mark to Lothíriel.

Put an ally into play when questing with Lothíriel and Prince Imrahil and make use of its response (draw cards, search your deck for a mount attachment, return a Gondor ally to your hand from discard pile, etc.). When the ally gets shuffled back into the deck at the end of the phase, ready Prince Imrahil and give Éomer his attack bonus. If the ally shares a trait with Lothíriel, draw a card for the response of Horn of the Mark.

Control your threat with Sneak Attack and Gandalf, Pillars of the Kings, Damrod and Favor of the Valar.