Thematic "Black Gate Opens" - Outlands and Gandalf

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Thematic Saga - "Black Gate Opens"
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Tubarush 262

This is one of the 2 decks for "The Black Gate Opens" in my Thematic Saga run (which includes the 2 PoD quests that are inserted after the 1st quest in Black Riders.) In my first 2 games with this final decklist, I got to 8 resources (my goal) with both Wraiths on Wings killed --- playing Easy Mode with the Fellowship.

Boons: Anduril, Glamdring

This deck is the quester for the Fellowship. Quest hard with it. In some rounds, you might even commit everyone.

Wizard Pipe is probably the most important card to mulligan for as it will allow you to play all the non-Leadership events and attachments.

Celebrían's Stone is for Aragorn.

Gúthwinë is for Háma in the other deck.

Armored Destrier and the first Unexpected Courage are for Beregond in the other deck to give him the ability to defend more.

The 2nd Unexpected Courage is probably for Legolas in the other deck.