The Oath of the Eorl Fulfilled

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Uruk-guy 212

Okay, I'll admit it: this deck is an excuse to play Mutual Accord and Oath of Eorl in a cool Cirion's Oath-themed deck. And what better way than with the new The Last Alliance contract?

The deck has a couple of cool combos, most notably being able to attack your enemies before they attack you with Oath of Eorl. Eomer + Firefoot wreak havoc this way. Is Feint the cheaper and more efficient route? Of course, but what fun is that?

Another combo is the use of Mutual Accord in the quest phase. Yes, that's right. The card which held next to no worth before but was begging to be used somehow. Well here's your chance. Basically you're trying to get Eomund in play from Lotheriel. Once he leaves play everyone is readied. This could hypothetically be used In the combat phse as well if Eomund chumps instead. In the same phase you can use Denethor's ability to transfer a resource to Eomer. If that isn't enough, how about giving Rohan allies a boost through Visionary Leadership? It's like a more efficient Astonishing Speed.

An ideal opening hand has Steward of Gondor and Horn of the Mark. Early game is focused on accelerating resources. Therefore SoG goes on Denethor. Because of your low threat you can turtle early which is nice because is on the low side. Théodwyn can also be used to draw/accelerate resources with Lotheriel.

I've played around with several versions of this deck. The cool thing is you can swap heroes with any of them in the sideboard and nothing changes but your strategy. Denethor works best for quests which start strong. Ingold works best for early and draw if you find SoG early enough. Prince Imrahil is an awesome choice with Lotheirel. Boromir gives everyone +1 with Mutual Accord.

Another option is The One Ring and Power of Command with Lotheriel to to boost right out of the gate. Adding Silver Circlet is always an option. If you decide to drift away from theme you'd be removing Oath of Eorl (and be less cool) to add more allies and Feint.

See you in Pelennor Fields!


Apr 03, 2021 Truck 512

Great thematic deck! Very well done!

Apr 04, 2021 Uruk-guy 212

@Truckthanks, I'm a sucker for theme!