Gondor Swarm

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Alonewolf87 1044

Mono-Leadership Gondor Swarm


Apr 07, 2021 doomguard 639

with few alterations, i wouldplay it similar if i want toplay mono-ld-gondor

would add 1 Lord of Morthond (6 ofspherecard, seems worth it) then every of my mono-ld-deck has at least 1 Tome of Atanatar

sneak-gandalf is too good not take it

would discard 1 ancestral armor for the lord, the Citadel Custodian for gandalf and 1 sword 1 feast of plenty and 1 open the gates for 3 sneackattack.

Apr 08, 2021 SchadenfreudeNE 42

I actually just built a very similar deck. I did go the Sneak Attack-Gandalf route, and also included Reinforcements, so I’m really leaning on that combo. I also have a couple Armored Destrier, to help Denethor defend multiple attacks. I looked at Feast of Plenty, but ultimately didn’t include it, so I’d be interested in knowing how impactful it has been. Morwen Steelsheen is a good include to provide some modest threat reduction and healing (I have Squire of the Citadel, too, as my sacrificial lamb—he sometimes reinforces with Gandalf).

Apr 08, 2021 Alonewolf87 1044

Yeah Reinforcements would be good too, but then perhaps I would go for the A Very Good Tale way then. I purposely stayed away from Sneak Attack + Gandalf cause I was bored by it.

Feast of Plenty was good to help the Rammas Lookout and Rammas Sentry keep their effects active by spreading the resources around or to ready all the heroes after a big quest push and the first defense from Denethor. I would have liked to include Armored Destrier too but I was worried about card draw. After some testing I found that between Ingold, Soldier of Gondor and Pillars of the Kings it was more than enough (I often ended the game with less than 10 cards in the deck) so I guess some Tome of Atanatar and Armored Destrier can easily be added.