Make Ready the Trees

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The Hunt for the Dreadnaught - 4 Players - 2021-06-06
The Hunt for the Dreadnaught - 2 Players - 2021-06-08
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We Shall Dread Naught
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Hasten the Ents 1 0 0 1.0
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velcrohead85 109

The original archetype is now nearly six years old. I first ran Warden of Arnor's original deck about four years ago and I wanted to try an updated version for taking on the Dreadnaught because if you're going to punch a massive boat in the face, it's good to do it with a bunch of trees.

If this was a standard quest without the Twilight's Call for resource smoothing, I'd probably run an extra Steward of Gondor but in this case, it wasn't needed. The deck churned out Ents, Treebeard helped to pay for them, Entmoot drew huge numbers of Ents and Booming Ent got ridiculous pretty fast. I'd swapped out Black Arrow for Wingfoot and in another quest I might have dropped Steed of the North for Daeron's Runes or Peace, and Thought, but in this case it wasn't needed. Watching the Ents combo with each other was beautiful.


Jun 06, 2021 doomguard 747

nike entdeck. would perhaps include some Wealth of Gondor, helps to pay treebeard 1. round or steward 1. round or with Man the Walls for a 2. ent.

Jun 06, 2021 velcrohead85 109

If I did it again, I'd probably also cut a Steed of the North for Wingfoot so that I could keep Black Arrow because Faramir swinging for a ranged 7 is fun.

I like Wealth of Gondor, or Captain's Wisdom but it's hard to know what else to cut without skewing the deck. I don't particularly want to cut any allies and Secret Vigil managed to drop our threat by six in total vs the Dreadnaught so I don't want to get rid of that either. Without more draw, I don't want to start pushing over 50 cards - I'm already breaking the 'No Lore without Daeron's Runes' rule.

Jun 07, 2021 Beorn 9497

Man the Walls is underrated in general, but especially so with Ents.

Jun 07, 2021 velcrohead85 109

It was absolutely amazing on the first turn in a 4-player game against the Dreadnaught. Got us up and running really fast.