Lord Bort's First Draft Dwarf Deck

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Lord Bort 5

Getting Narvi's Belt and Steward of Gondor on Bifur quickly is essential. Boots from Erebor and Hardy Leadership early seems wise.


Jun 09, 2021 GreenWizard 268

I would consider Erebor Hammersmith or Sneak Attack for Gandalf?

Jun 09, 2021 Lord Bort 5

@GreenWizardHmmm worth a try! This one has only won against the first scenario of the core

Jun 10, 2021 stone_of_eric 47

I agree with the above suggestion of Sneak Attack, and I would definitely substitute Veteran of Nanduhirion for either/or Veteran Axehand or Erebor Battlemaster if you're building a dwarf deck from the first 2 cycles.

Jun 10, 2021 frozen 85

If you have Foundations of Stone, I would swap Guard of the Citadel for Longbeard Elder. Dwarf synergy a plus, scrying the encounter deck a plus, and it gives a little bit more purple to pay for.

Jun 10, 2021 Lord Bort 5

Thanks for the suggestions, I don't have foundations of stone yet, but woupd like to get it for Glorfindel. I can try the others though.