Swarm the Beacon!

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TheChad 7116

This is the deck I used to defeat ALEP's The Battle for the Beacon, the video can be found here : https://youtu.be/ocnne9nujEI

This deck was made by Shellin and I made a couple of adjustments prior to playing this quest. Mainly, I added 3x Strength of Arms. In a mono deck that is an ally swarm it is an auto-include IMO. I also dropped a couple Veteran of Osgiliath and one copy of Angbor the Fearless and added some Warden of Healing. I figured I could get them into play with A Very Good Tale or Herald of AnĂ³rien.

The biggest dilemma I had was where to put Steward of Gondor and Visionary Leadership. Boromir needs a resource to trigger his ability, Ingold needs them to help pay for his card draw (especially since this deck only had Gandalf to drop your threat), and the Rammas Sentry and Rammas Lookout want EVERYONE to have a resource. In my video I put both attachments on Ingold, with the plan to try to have a resource in all three heroes pools. I had both attachments in my opening hand, I think if I only had Visionary Leadership I would have put that on Boromir.

This is a Gondor swarm deck, you should be spamming the board with as many allies as you can. Take advantage of the Action Window in the Refresh Phase to use A Very Good Tale with a hard casted Gandalf. Use Strength of Arms to let your allies do a massive push and then be ready for combat.

Ingold does a lot of work, his ability is once per PHASE, so make sure to take advantage of that card draw if you have Gondor and Warrior allies entering play outside of planning.

Happy Questing


Aug 09, 2021 Beorn 9908

Great deck. Gondor Swarm is more fun than a game of whack-a-troll.

Aug 10, 2021 TheChad 7116

@Beorn thank you sir!