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apparentlyalvin 67

Or, "How To Get Stuff And Not Pay For It."

The goal of this deck is to use Lothíriel and Prince Imrahil to put allies with impactful side effects into play at opportune times, then benefit when those allies leave play.

Disclaimer: I ain't tested this deck yet.

During setup, Thurindir swipes Gather Information, which guarantees an early Thorongil. Thorongil goes on Prince Imrahil, turning him red and allowing him to fish for allies like Lothíriel. If you draw Thorongil in your setup hand, Gather Gamling instead so that you can recycle fun allies such as Escort from Edoras, allowing Lothíriel to put them into play for free every turn.

Lothíriel and Imrahil go a-questing every turn, Thurindir probably joins them, and then you get a free ally from hand that is guaranteed to ready Imrahil and buff Éomer for combat. Save Imrahil's money each turn, so that he can use his textbox (via Thorongil) to put a chump blocker into play, who Gamling or Knight of Belfalas can recur.

Rider of Rohan might turn into a Háma, depending on how testing goes.