dain of gondor

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doomguard 1105

where is dain?

of course there is no dain, gondor needs no dain....

the brothers have all that is needed. together they are as good as dain (+1 willpower + 1 att for all gondor) and they could even become better if the Visionary Leadership of their father hits the table.

this deck not only benefit of gondorswarm, it benefit from mono-ld, that makes Strength of Arms possible and cheap use of Tome of Atanatar and usage of White Tower Watchman

add some defense and carddraw and you have it.


Nov 19, 2021 Uruk-guy 376

Lol I was wondering what you meant by Dain. I really like the concept though I'm thinking early could be a problem. The One Ring and Power of Command could work, but with Gondor your threat is both good and bad in that case.

If I made a version I might consider using Reinforcements but I can understand why you wouldn't want to include it. It might combo nice with Squire of the Citadel, Soldier of Gondor, or even Envoy of Pelargir to help get some of the resources back.

Have you experimented with Ancestral Armor on Denny? I can't decide if it would be worth it or not...

Anyways, another nice deck by you!

Nov 19, 2021 doomguard 1105

hiho, early a problem with wp? you can safely count 2 allies in (5 res from the start) with faramir thats 4 wp + 2 from boromir (1+faramir) its 6 and a denethor ready for defense, seems o.k. for me. with good 1. round you will have more (sneaked gandalf and or tale).

if you think u need more, consider Cram for double-use of faramir

the highest from start engaged enemy hast str 4, that can be defended by denethor, if more is needed it should be chumped or taken be (sneaked) gandalf.

the armor is not bad, but, its worth 2 allies. this should be in mind. there are situations where a 5-def-denethor is better, others where are 2 alllies with 4 wp or 4 att (or 2 chumps) are better.

shield and sign is much cheaper than the armour and def is also 5 , but its 2 cards, but each of them alone helps also.

and, i would not reduce the allies, otherwise the A Very Good Tale is less effective