One-turn Win #3: Attacker

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One-Turn Win
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ohuerc 278

Deck #3 is pretty straightforward: kill everything. That's it.

A Burning Brand and Gondorian Shield go on Beregond of course. Feint is mostly useful if something has a "Forced: makes an immediate attack" effect, so that Beregond doesn't end up exhausted. Alternatively, use it on enemies that hit harder than 9. Blade of Gondolin goes on Bard the Bowman or Legolas first, depending on the combo described below.

The tricky combo here is usually not even necessary, but it works as follows:

  1. Secret Vigil something engaged with Deck #2.
  2. Quick Strike, with Legolas if he'll kill it, or Bard the Bowman if he can't. Profit by reducing threat and adding progress.
  3. Foe-hammer, and profit by drawing cards.
  4. Play Cram at some point during or after that process, and now discard it to ready.

You can do this twice with the same hero, with two Blades, before your planning phase is up. The third Cram is for Beregond, in case Treachery exhausts him or etc.

The final payoff comes from this deck: make sure your threat is above 40. Play Hour of Wrath during the combat phase, and kill everything. Unless the quest has weird stages that stop progress, you finish each stage one after the other and win!