Dwarves of Durin - Starter Deck

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pandom 3023

This is the official decks released for Dwarves of Durin - Starter Deck released 2022-03-11.

*"Far, far below the deepest delvings of the Dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things." - The Two Towers

The Dwarves of Middle-earth are a people well-versed in delving deep into the earth. To evoke their affinity for mining, the Dwarves in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game introduces the concept to the game that is often referred to as "delving", or discarding cards from your deck.

Cards like Ered Nimrais Prospector and King Under the Mountain are used to delve into your deck, searching for cards you need.

And with the luck of the Dwarves, your deck is littered with incidental treasures such as Hidden Cache and the Ered Luin Miner. While discarding from your deck, keep your eye out for such cards, and remember to trigger their effects.

As you delve, you will want to take advantage of the Dwarves' natural durability to build a powerful lineup of allies. Cards like A Very Good Tale can be particularly helpful in expanding your position.

Dáin Ironfoot is the centrepiece and backbone of your forces. With a deck consisting primarily of Dwarf characters, Dain's kingly bonuses will really shine.

When your position is solid with a legion of Dwarves, use Lure of Moria to realise their full potential. After exhausting your Dwarves to quest, play Lure of Moria to bring them back into the fight, ready to defend or attack.


Mar 04, 2022 Endofunctor 103

Thanks for these! Will it be possible to add these via My Collection at some point?

Mar 06, 2022 pandom 3023

You should be able to Copy the deck, @Endofunctor. If you mean buy, I believe they're available 2022-03-11 from most retailers.

Mar 06, 2022 Endofunctor 103

Sorry, I just meant in terms of the site eventually letting us track ownership of the product via the My Collection > Adventure Packs functionality. Perhaps also browsing them via the Cards > Search > Browse By Set.

I realize now that asking this in a comment on your decklist was a bit misguided. ;)